Saturday, July 26, 2008

i miss my kitty yuki

Awake in bed in a hotel room and can't wait to get home and get kitty snuggles and squeezerpuppy  love. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comic Con Pre Sale-All Gifts $20 and under!

It's almost time for me to try to mingle and sell my wares to thousands of comic geeks, costumed fanatics, and art collecting fiends.....and I'm looking forward to it. At least, for the moment I am. I've never been to Comic Con,  and after getting pawed at by a couple Siths (are those losers still around?) and knocked over by Hellboy my optimism might falter. We shall see. Maybe I'll meet a hot Jack Sparrow at one of the parties one night and we'll stumble our merry drunk ass way down to the Marina and into the inky black waters of the bay. Ha! Oh god fuck no! How sad. 

Anyways,  make sure to check out what I'll be selling down in San Diego this year amid all the craziness. Summer vacation so far has turned into a never-ending print and jewelry-making adventure for me,  and I've been working hard to have unique and inexpensive gifts to sell for you.  All items are only 20 bucks or under...what a great deal for awesome art made by yours' truly!  

So if you are going to the Con, look for me at The Society of Los Angeles Booth Friday morning and Saturday evening, or sometime Thursday-Sunday at Brian Ewing's/Blood Brothers' Booth, or at the Blood Factory Booth (I know, we've some sorta blood theme going on here. And no, I'm not a vampiress or a butcher, and I'm not going to be wearing a costume, well, maybe some blood, who knows?) I'll be working and selling between the 3 spots so see if you can find me at one of them. Good Luck! I will have some free stuff to give away too, so your mission will be rewarded if accomplished. Fun! 

For all of you who are smart enough to stay away from that gigantic freak-fest, you can shop online for my items within the comfort and safety of your own walls. I'm using a new store called Last Call on CartFly, and shipping is only $4.50 per order. My  Esty Shop is still up too, and features larger prints but you should check out the deals at my new shop too.
Hope to see you!
hugs and kisses. BK

Thursday, July 3, 2008

DeSalvo's Cd's finally done!

I think. i hope.  Now let's hope for that art show in Scotland....keep your fingers crossed for me!